Goodnight U.S.A.

Original Children's Book

All across the country,
from Miami to Merced,
the day is done; we've had such fun,
and now it’s time for bed.

It doesn't matter where we live,
or how we spend our day,
when nighttime falls, and bedtime calls,
we say, “Goodnight, U.S.A.”

In sunny California,
from Los Angeles to the Bay,
the children of the Golden State
will put their toys away.

In neighboring Nevada,
where the desert stretches wide,
it’s getting dark, too dark to play,
so let’s all come inside.

Arizona and New Mexico,
so beautiful and bright,
cuddle up to Colorado
with her snow capped mountains white.

Let’s not forget fair Utah,
home of the Great Salt Lake,
and his best friend Wyoming -
“Yeehaw!” The Cowboy state.

What’s that I hear from Idaho?
Are children being noisy?
Pipe down, you naughty chickadees!
from Sun Valley to Boise.

The Pacific Northwest will get undressed,
and put on his pajamas.
It’s the same thing little children do
in Arkansas and Alabama.

Oregon gives Washington
a goodnight hug and kiss.
Montana sees a shooting star,
I wonder what she wished?

We turn the television off
in North and South Dakota,
then wash our faces ‘til they shine
next door in Minnesota.

We’ll rub-a-dub in bubble baths
from Kansas to Kentucky,
scrubbing ears and washing hair
with our friend rubber ducky.

Stopover in Wisconsin,
the land of milk and cheese.
We’ll have a little nighttime snack,
as long as we say "please."

And since we’re by so many lakes,
why don’t we fill our cup?
With water, so then later,
we don’t have to get back up.

In Michigan we’ll bundle up,
against a winter storm.
A special mitten just for us
will help to keep us warm.

Down South in Mississippi,
they brush their teeth with care,
and Tennessee, occasionally,
will braid Virginia’s hair.

Now Iowa and Illinois,
Ohio and Missouri,
and Indiana, get in bed!
It’s getting cold, so hurry!
Texas sings a lullaby,
a soft old-timey tune,
to soothe sweet Oklahoma
beneath a harvest moon.

Goodnight Alaskan glaciers,
Good night Nebraska corn,
Goodnight Hawaiian beaches,
We’ll see you in the morn.

Goodnight North Carolina,
Goodnight Georgia and her peaches,
Goodnight South Carolina,
Goodnight Florida’s sandy beaches.

Delaware, get your teddy bear,
Massachusetts, grab your blankie.
We all need a good night's sleep,
so tomorrow we’re not cranky.
And in our nations’ capital
of Washington D.C.,
it’s lights out at the White House,
where the President gets his Zzz’s.

Now cuddle into bed, sweet ones,
I’m turning out the light.
West Virginia, Pennsylvania,
And Maryland, sleep tight.

Good night New York, The Empire State,
and to your famous city.
Good night New Jersey, Garden State,
and to your towns so pretty.

Goodnight Vermont, shaped like a V,
and to your wild terrain.
Goodnight, New Hampshire granite.
Goodnight lobsters up in Maine.

Goodnight, Connecticut seaports,
so lovely in the fall,
and good night to Rhode Island,
the tiniest state of all.

Goodnight U.S.A.